The Cognitive Marketplace is dedicated to finding, and offering unique products to improve your Cognitive Performance and Cognitive Health.

We believe that our store is unique...the first of its kind. It’s a main street retail store specializing in Cognitive Supplements which improve Memory, Attention, Learning, Neuro-protection, Stress Management and Sleep Quality.

What are Cognitive Supplements?

They are simple compounds which are designed to cross the Blood Brain Barrier and help the brain breathe, metabolize its food, recycle or remove waste products, rebuild or replace worn-out components, and conduct its business more effectively.

They help clear out, and open up the portals through which moments of clarity, realization, amazement, and inspiration gain entry.

I’ve been using Cognitive Supplement since the summer of 2008. I was entering my later 50s and wanted recapture the focus, intensity and clarity of my 20s and 30s. I have the interests and emotional curiosity of of my 30s, but found that I was losing the mental endurance , focus, and memory need to fully digest the complex arguments I’d read in scientific and technical journals. I was feeling less excited, and more stressed, about the vicissitudes and challenges of my consulting business.

The Cognitive Supplements have really helped to bring back the focus, energy and mental acuity of my 30s. I’m more relaxed, less stressed, and have more mental and physical endurance than I had before the summer of 2008. My libido feels recharged as well.

A Customer recently wrote...

Life and my boss are treating me the same, but I feel much better equipped to handle them. The best way I can describe it is the feeling of being less fragmented, less susceptible to fragmentation, and generally faster, like when you defrag a harddrive.

The  store is located at 207 River St. along the Hudson River, in the historic riverfront of Troy NY.

207 River Street

Troy NY 12180



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